2018 CMC Annual Conference Sneak Peek: Celebrities, Leaders & Brands Talk Creativity, Community & Culture


FAIRFAX, Va. (March 20, 2018) – If brands aren’t thinking about how creativity, community & culture impact their target audiences, the efficacy and engagement of their marketing campaigns will be compromised. The Culture Marketing Council: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing (CMC) is not only providing world-class multicultural strategy but it also is tackling topics that are ripped from the headlines and how they are impacting the marketing landscape at its 2018 Annual Conference taking place at the Loews Hotel in Los Angeles from June 4 to June 6.

Fireside Chat with Danny Trejo: Hispanic Representation on Screens
The #Oscarssowhite movement raised awareness of the lack of African-American representation among actors, but for Latinos, we are still limited to a few Mexican directors. How do we increase the Hispanic presence in front of and behind the camera? Actor Danny Trejo will discuss this issue—including how entertainment marketing and diverse representation go hand in hand. Often playing a villain or antihero, Trejo has appeared in numerous Hollywood films including Heat (1995), Con Air (1997), and Desperado (1995), the last with frequent collaborator Robert Rodriguez. Trejo is perhaps most recognized as the character Machete, originally developed by Rodriguez for the Spy Kids series of movies and later expanded into Trejo's own series of films aimed at a more adult audience. He has appeared in TV shows such as Breaking Bad, The X-Files, and Sons of Anarchy.

Client Roundtable: The Multicultural Marketing Journey
No CMC Annual Conference is complete without a panel of high-level brands discussing the hottest marketing trends of the year and the impact of the multicultural consumer. The CMC is pleased to announce this year’s panelists: Marisa Solis, vice president/general manager – Hispanic of Pepsi Beverages; Jose Velez Silva, vice president of multicultural communications at Comcast; and Alex Tokatlian, program leader of Hispanic marketing & advertising at Domino’s Pizza.

The Future of Advertising Agencies
PJ Pereira, founder & creative chairman of the award-winning agency Pereira O’Dell, believes that creatives should think like marketers but behave like entertainers, a term he has coined “branducer” – it is this out-of-the-box thinking that has been key to his team’s success. So where do advertising agencies go from here? Pereira will provide his predictions and discuss three types of agency structure: the Uber model, the holdings model and the content-oriented model. Whether you are a creative or not, this can’t-miss session has lessons that can be applied to the entire marketing spectrum.

Other topics include the Hispanic Brand in the Trump Era, Culture is the New Mainstream, Corporate America & the State of Latino Representation, Pasion for Sports: How Hispanics Are Driving the Future of Sports Marketing, the Total Market Debacle, Influence of Influencers, and Marketing at the Speed of People, among others.

For more information, visit culturemarketingcouncil.org and follow the CMC on Facebook and Twitter at @cmchispanic using the conference hashtag #CMCpowerof3.