AHAA Rebrands Itself as Culture Marketing Council: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing


FAIRFAX, Va. (Jan. 31, 2018) – In a webinar yesterday, AHAA: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing unveiled to its members that it is rebranding itself under a new name: Culture Marketing Council: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing (CMC). “This rebranding is a natural evolution from our founding name, Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies, to AHAA: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing and now Culture Marketing Council: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing, as we continue to elevate the quality and effectiveness of U.S. marketing by harnessing the power of cultural expertise and impact to drive business results,” said AHAA Chair Isaac Mizrahi. The transition from AHAA to CMC will be complete by mid-February.

In its 22-year trajectory, AHAA has grown with the ever-changing demographics and marketing environment—from an organization that was founded exclusively to represent Hispanic advertising agencies to a broader coalition representing all marketing disciplines, including agencies, content creators, research companies, consultants and more. This rebrand as CMC reflects the forward evolution of a new American mainstream – one fueled by multicultural ethnicities and the dynamic state of the Hispanic consumer.

“As the lines of multi-ethnic segments and languages continue to blur, marketers must employ a broader definition of culture that includes language, idiosyncrasies, lifestyle and behaviors. That’s why AHAA is taking the next step and rebranding as the Culture Marketing Council: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing, which embraces the next generation of cultural marketing specialists and influences not only its members but also a broader ‘general market’ or mainstream America,” added Mizrahi.

Research has shown that culturally-driven strategies targeted to the appropriate segments
create more meaningful engagement leading to increased ROI. Using specialists that have the
expertise to leverage cultural insights – and thus ensure campaigns resonate, engage and spur action among multicultural audiences – is the gold standard for marketing. In a world where specialists are celebrated in every aspect of life, CMC reclaims this value to the thousands of marketing professionals
with cultural expertise.

With a new web site unveiling today, CMC will retain the same structure and continue its thought leadership in cultural marketing and research with emphasis on Hispanic marketing expertise. The CMC’s strategic directions remain the same:

1. Elevate the quality, effectiveness and business results of U.S marketing through cultural expertise;
2. Educate the industry on best-in-class strategies, including impactful research and professional training;
3. Curate, share and discuss insights-driven and fact-based best practices in our industry to provide the best ROI for our client’s multicultural marketing investments.

In addition, CMC will continue expanding and retaining a diverse membership base, enhancing the value of its benefits and supporting the education and development of industry members. These efforts complement a series of activities planned for 2018 including CMC’s Annual Conference in Los Angeles on June 4-6, its webinars, SmartBrief newsletter, original insights and research and the Council’s own Multicultural Job Center.

For more information, follow the CMC on Facebook and Twitter at @cmchispanic. An updated web site, culturemarketingcouncil.org, will be live in the next few weeks.


About CMC
Founded in 1996 as the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies, the Culture Marketing Council: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing is the national trade organization of all marketing, communications and media firms with trusted Hispanic expertise.