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The Hispanic Marketing Council (HMC) is the only national trade organization representing more than 45,000 marketing, research and media executives with trusted Hispanic expertise. For more than 20 years, the HMC has grown from an organization that was founded exclusively to represent Hispanic advertising agencies to a broader coalition representing all marketing disciplines, including agencies, content creators, research companies, consultants and more.

Research has shown that culturally-driven strategies targeted to the appropriate segments create more meaningful engagement leading to increased ROI. Using specialists that have the expertise to leverage cultural insights – and thus ensure campaigns resonate, engage and spur action among multicultural audiences – is the gold standard for marketing. In a world where specialists are celebrated in every aspect of life, HMC reclaims this value to the thousands of marketing professionals with cultural expertise.

As a HMC member, you can access our many business-building initiatives like…

  • The Hispanic Market Guide
  • The HMC Job Center which connects cultural specialists with companies needing our trusted expertise
  • Educational member-only and industry-wide webinars
  • The HMC Annual Summit
  • New research to help you grow your bottom line and arm you with the latest data and strategies.


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