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The Intersectional Afro-Latina Experience Webinar

March 9, 2021


Pew Reports that 1 in 4 Latinas self-identify as afro descendant. Matters of race and identity are incredibly interconnected. Our struggles and the culture we create in America is increasingly intersectional. As Black History month comes to a close, we reflected on the importance of exploring the little-known history and cultural impact of Afro-Latino culture. From a shared struggle with segregation, hate crimes, colorism and erasure; to the rich cultural creations in music, entertainment and sports. Watch this rich conversation with three Afro Latina leaders sharing their experiences from three different perspectives.

Joanna Franco - Entrepreneur, Writer and Founder of Shut Up Go travel blog
Lori Montenegro - Head of Telemundo Noticias and Bureau Chief for Telemundo DC Office
Lizette Williams - Head of Global Vertical Solutions Marketing, Facebook


Moderated by: CMC Education Chair Victor Paredes, VP of creative content strategy at UWG




Navigating a Remote Workforce | The Impact on Businesses and Employees

March 4, 2021


Are you, as a business or as an employee, prepared for a long-term remote workplace? As Marketing, Advertising, & PR agencies consider this reality, questions arise that impact not only business owners, but the employees themselves.

We discussed how to navigate tax and compliance laws, recruitment, workers compensation costs, employee work/life balance, and more. If you are an executive, HR professional or an employee you want to watch this webinar.

Conversation Highlights:

  • Is your business equipped to handle this change long term?
  • Which positions and job titles should be transitioned to remote and which shouldn’t?
  • How does a remote workplace impact compensation packages for employees (i.e. salary reductions to offset travel to/from office)?
  • What cost impact should be anticipated?
  • How does multi-state recruitment impact talent acquisition?
  • What are the challenges and/or opportunities associated with building strong and cultures as it applies to remote environments?

Moderated by: CMC Education Chair Victor Paredes, VP of creative content strategy at UWG

Speaker: Kristin Russum, Director, Human Capital Services, TriNet, Inc.



New Ways of Connecting with Audiences in a Post-Covid World

February 12, 2021

After nearly a year of pandemic social distancing, media companies have had to get creative in providing consumers with compelling content and interactive platforms. After a career spanning 60 years, Don Francisco is returning to all screens with a new virtual talk show for a limited interactive series that marries video content, social media and digital engagement, where viewers become co-creators of content alongside Don Francisco. In addition, CNN en Español is augmenting its international news coverage with the launch of a podcast featuring analysis and interviews with today’s top newsmakers by celebrated journalist and longtime Chief International Correspondent José Levy. Learn how studios are adapting to 100% virtual production while engaging an international audience; what reporting strategies are needed to tell stories in an age of misinformation; what technologies are emerging that blur the lines between talent and fan; and how media networks have leveraged social distancing to develop engaging multi-platform content, giving advertisers a chance for an even more personal relationship with consumers.

Moderated by: Cynthia Hudson, senior vice president and managing director of CNN en Español and Hispanic strategy for CNN/U.S


Jose Levy, Chief International Correspondent & Chief Correspondent in the Middle East for CNN en Español

Mario Kreutzberger, better known as "Don Francisco"



"Welcome to The Evolution!” An Advanced Culture Deep Dive

January 26, 2021

An advanced cultural literacy course including a deep dive into the “Cultural Closets” of Black & Hispanic Gen Z’s & their parents to discover what they are keeping, throwing out & adding in…including 1 element CRUCIAL to cultural literacy + the Multicultural reality of our daily lives [or not] including:
  • How comfortable we say we are with all types of people (race/ethnicity/LGBTQ+, rich people and more)
  • Who is least comfortable when they are the only 1 of their racial/ethnic segment when in certain situations
  • The importance of “cultural comfort” & how it exhibits itself in real life
  • Who & what we trust and distrust; family members, other personal relationships, our doctors, our schools, our institutions, & our politicians; Whose trust circles are most narrow & whose are most wide?
  • A look at how stressed Gen Zers are, what is causing this stress and how Black & Hispanics react differently to it than Non-Hispanic White Zers

Presented by:
CMC Research Chair Nancy Tellet, founder, brand & consumer navigator at PureClarity LLC