Digital Lives Study: Dive into Powerful Influencer Data

March 28th, 2019

Do you know the size and scope of the influencer follower market? You'll be amazed at how multicultural followers are driving this trend through the roof!

Today, online influencers are more powerful than ever across all racial/ethnic groups, among the key follower segment of ages 13 to 34-year-olds. From an Instagram post to a YouTube video, product placement in such a populated community can make all the difference in your brand’s perception and success.

In the webinar, you get a deep dive into the CMC's Digital Lives Study influencer data, how influencers express their cultural identity in their work, AND who are the top four influencers that cross everybody's favorite list. You'll hear a few case studies and also learn the big DON'Ts when it comes to using influencers in today's complex, diverse world.

Moderator: Court Stroud, Managing Director, The Cledor Group and N.Y.U. Adjunct Faculty Member

Nancy Tellet, CMC Research Chair
Sandra Alfaro, CMC Education Chair


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