Looking Ahead! Trends for 2019

December 13th, 2018

Expectations for 2019: (Multi)Culture As A Business Imperative. With culture specialization and segmentation continuing to be hot topics, our industry is looking ahead to what we can expect for Hispanic and multicultural marketing budgets, activations and the expanding role culture plays across all marketing disciplines in 2019. A stellar panel of leaders shared their predictions, insights and musings for the new year.

Moderated by Gabriela Alcantara-Diaz, President, Semilla AD, this webinar featured the following stellar panel of industry leaders:

Stacie M. de Armas, Vice President Strategic Initiatives & Consumer Engagement, Nielsen
Quim Gil, Principal and Head of Planning, Richards/Lerma
Eduardo Pérez, Founding Partner, PM3
Roberto Ruiz, Executive Vice President, Research, Insights and Analytics, Univision



Digital Lives Study Part 2: Online Shopping

November 8, 2018

An exploration of online shopping behavior! Research Chair Nancy Tellet presented NEW data from the 2018 Digital Lives study and an exclusive deep-dive into learnings from the UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper study followed by a live discussion with Walmart's Senior Director of Marketing, Javier Delgado-Granados!

• The unique role of the Hispanic teen in online shopping
• How Millennials really are different in online shopping
• Outside of pricing, what matters most when searching for & selecting products online
• The one single brand that competed with the big marketplace players (Amazon, Walmart, eBay) for Teens
• Who is subscribing most to meal subscription boxes (It will probably surprise you)
• Which subscription box categories & brands have the strongest “in-culture” impact

Presenter: Nancy Tellet, CMC Research Chair

Guest Speaker: Javier Delgado-Granados, Senior Director of Marketing at Walmart

Moderator: Court Stroud, Managing Director, The Cledor Group


Digital Lives Part 1: The World of Digital “Everything” through a Cultural Lens

September 27, 2018

Tune in for this webinar featuring a reprise of one of the hottest studies from 2018! Digital inhabits every area of our lives today, reforming how we buy things and redefining content creation, curation, delivery & consumption across entertainment, news, marketing and everyday human interaction. Today, online shoppers make 51 percent of their purchases online with millennials outpacing that figure. With culture playing a larger role in the American mainstream, the CMC took a deep dive and uncover how digital is used to gather or provide information, socialize, consume or create entertainment, maximize utility while applying a cultural lens to ascertain areas of similarity, cultural uniqueness or areas of cultural fusion.

In this webinar, you’ll learn…

• How branded content supercharges online marketing and what types of content do this best

• How to build powerful brand relationships with people and avoid brand “break-ups”

• The power of in-culture content

• Where, when & how language matters

• What types of social media content is most viewed and most shared

• Who is most likely to say they are on a “digital diet” (or need to be)

You’ll also learn about the human elements of digital lives: best & worst, trust & distrust, positive & cautionary tales, guilty pleasures, favorite escapes, “can’t live without,” stressful & relaxing, and digital etiquette.


Nancy Tellet, CMC Research Chair





Fact or Fiction - The Current State of the Hispanic Market

August 16th, 2018 

Did you missed the presentation at the CMC Annual Conference?

A lot has been speculated about the current state of the Hispanic market. Everything from the political landscape to the rapidly changing omni-channel shopping experience challenges marketers, manufacturers and retailers to separate rhetoric from reality. What is fact and what is fiction?

• The political landscape has caused Hispanics to spend less. Fact or fiction?
• Hispanics are spending less. Fact or fiction?
• Hispanics are shopping different channels. Fact or fiction
• And many other myth busters.

So what really happened with Hispanic Consumer Packaged Goods spending in 2017?

Vanna Tran, Multicultural Growth and Strategy, Director - Nielsen





CMC Webinar: Power Panel in celebration of Women’s History Month

March 29th, 2018 
March is Women’s History Month, we spend an hour with a few of the women that are influencing our industry. Be inspired by the personal journeys of these diverse and powerful female leaders. We discussed the value of female leadership, how women’s roles have evolved in the workplace, what obstacles they’ve had to overcome to achieve success, as well as the many glass ceilings that have yet to be shattered.

Moderated by CMC Education Committee Chair Sandra Alfaro, our panel of female leaders included:

Ana Ceppi, Senior VP, Hispanic Strategy & Client Experience, NBCUniversal
Carla Eboli, Chief Reputation Officer, Dieste
Mebrulin Francisco, Managing Partner, Marketing Analytics, GroupM
Nuria Santamaria Wolfe, Co-Founder and CEO, Encantos Media



The Strategic Future of AHAA: A Can’t-Miss Town Hall Webinar

January 30th, 2018

On January 31st, AHAA made a HUGE announcement, one that will reinforce our commitment to elevate the quality and effectiveness of U.S. marketing by harnessing the power of cultural expertise and impact to drive business results. Be one of the first to learn where AHAA is headed as an organization. Immediate Past Chair Linda Lane Gonzalez and Chair Isaac Mizrahi announced our exciting strategic changes. 

Moderated by Sandra Alfaro, managing director of wing

Linda Lane Gonzalez, president of viva partnership
Isaac Mizrahi, co-president & COO of Alma


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