Millennial Hispanics Think Mobile First
November 18, 2014

Millennials are the first “Mobile First” generation, and US Hispanics have long played a key role as early adopters of Mobile Media. To learn more about what young Hispanic Millennials are doing with Mobile, the IAB Mobile Center commissioned an in-depth research study with both quantitative and qualitative components, looking specifically/ closely at this group. What kinds of content and communication services do Hispanic Millennials like on their devices? How does this vital demographic respond to mobile ads?  What's the role of mobile phones in their larger daily lives?  

Joe Laszlo, Senior Director, IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence
Marla Skiko, EVP, Director of Digital Innovation, SMG Multicultural


Members-Only Sneak Preview: Refining Hispanic ROI in the Total Market Approach

November 5, 2014

In advance of its release at the ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference on November 9th, AHAA continues its thought leadership series on Total Market by providing members with exclusive access to this new research, which details how leading CPG clients and retailers currently approach marketing ROI. Accurate ROI measurement is absolutely crucial to validate the impact of a total market approach. The research examines (a) Spanish-language media and Hispanic stores and (b) Hispanic English television viewers and non-Hispanic stores. The work leads to insights on how ROI models should evolve and how currencies of television audience measurement and retail sales should change to make new models for a total market approach. While the focus is Hispanic, the knowledge gained from this ROI study will pave the way for revamping ROI approaches for other segments including multicultural and millennials.

Jim Spaeth, Partner, Sequent Partners
Alice Sylvester, Partner, Sequent Partners
Carlos Santiago, AHAA Research Chair/President & Chief Strategist, Santiago Solutions Group 


El Sabor de America: The Latino Influence on American Food
October 27, 2014 

Latinos are shaping the food culture in the U.S. Not only are their preferences and habits helping to shape food choices for all of us, their desire for healthier and higher-quality items are changing how manufacturers and retailers need to bring products to market. The webinar will share primary qualitative and quantitative research by leading food & beverage consulting and market research firm The Hartman Group. Attendees also will learn about opportunities for engagement with Millennial Latino consumers who are starting families and looking for authentic, healthy, yet convenient food options.

Presenter: Laurie Demeritt, CEO of The Hartman Group


Social Media and Mobile Technology: Nightmare for Advertisers, Field Day for Lawyer
September 9, 2014 

The advent of social media and mobile technology has forced advertisers and marketers to engage in interactive conversations rather than monologues, turned measurement and metrics upside down, reinvented the world of intellectual property, changed privacy and data protection from a concern into a daily battle cry, has made your employees brand ambassadors and a reputational liabilities and given consumers a new and powerful voice – often a multilingual and multicultural voice - in defining your brand and your identity. For lawyers, this is nothing short of a field day – every day more legal and regulatory issues are found on the front pages of newspapers. For advertisers and marketers, this is nothing short of your worst nightmare - every day more legal and regulatory issues are found on the front pages of newspapers. This brief session is intended to touch on a conversation that needs to happen more often – lawyers and advertisers and their agencies finding ways to rest easy and dream creatively, rather than awake to the alarm of a legal or regulatory nightmare.

Presenter: Joseph I. Rosenbaum - Partner & Global Chair Advertising Technology & Media Law Practice, Reed Smith LLP



IAB Make Mobile Work Webinar Series: Buy Mobile Inventory and Target Mobile Audiences
August 12, 2014

Inventory and Targeting for Agencies and Brands. Learn best practices from brands and publishers on how to buy and target mobile inventory to reach your desired audience.




Experian: New Data on Hispanic Millennials (Members Only)
July 8, 2014

Never before has the United States seen a generation that is so diverse, so informed and so well connected as Millennials. They are one of the most influential sub segments within the generation are Hispanics who represent nearly one in every four adult Millennials. As the leading edge of Millennials move into their mid-30s, we will explore their demographics, lifestyles, values and motivations comparing Hispanic Millennials to non-Hispanics. We’ll also focus on the distinct way that this generation of digital natives incorporates the internet and smartphones into their daily lives.

Presenter: John Fetto, Senior Analyst, Marketing & Research, Experian Marketing Services


Design With Device in Mind: Cross-Screen Creative for Agencies and Brands
May 13, 2014


AHAA has partnered with the IAB’s Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence in support of the Make Mobile Work initiative. Learn more about designing ads with the device in mind, featuring examples from brands who are successfully implementing cross-screen creative today. Help your company embrace mobile advertising and understand the best strategies for successful cross-screen creative in this quickly evolving digital medium.



U.S. Hispanic Mobile Shopping Habits
April 8, 2014

This webinar, exclusive to AHAA members and eMarketer subscribers, focuses on how U.S. Hispanics use media to inform their online and mobile shopping habits. We’ll look at how these consumers overindex on mobile usage and how that translates to their consumption of media and advertising, as well as their shopping and buying habits, especially in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) category. Finally, we’ll identify some examples of how advertisers are responding to these trends and finding innovative ways to connect with this emerging and important demographic set.

Presenter: Patricia Orsini, analyst, eMarketer



Issues Affecting Today's Advertising Industry
February 4, 2014

Geared toward senior management, this webinar reviewed the legal issues affecting advertising in the mobile environment, native advertising and privacy regulations. It also will serve as an introduction to Reed Smith, the premier global advertising law firm AHAA has selected as legal counsel*.

Tom K. Ara, Partner, Reed Smith LLP
Speaker: Keri S. Bruce, Advertising, Technology and Media Law, Reed Smith LLP