AHAA Insights Webinar: Delivering Total Market Growth with Hispanic Dedicated Strategy

November 17th, 2015

Go behind the data to see how automotive and financial-insurance service companies build bottom-line revenue with their Hispanic marketing:
How is Hispanic allocation driving growth in these sectors?
How do shifts in ad spending impact revenue growth?
How does this growth compare to other categories?
What can marketers learn from this data to apply to their own strategies?

Presented by AHAA Research Committee:
Carlos Santiago, Chief Strategist, Santiago Solutions Group
Nancy Tellet, Brand & Consumer Navigator and former SVP, Research and Consumer Insights, Viacom

The Hispanic Wellness Movement ≠ the White NH Wellness Movement

June 16th, 2015

There has been a national shift towards a higher state of wellness-mindedness among all consumers and consequently Brands with higher “Wellness Scores” experience higher growth rates than brands with lower “Wellness Scores”.  But, are Hispanics’ wellness lifestyle more aspirational than behavioral? What segment is leading or following the national health & wellness movement? How strong of a purchase driver is wellness across cultural segments especially for the vast majority of consumers –WNH Busy Strivers vs. Hispanic Busy Strivers, who are balancing life-work-family & culture with some healthy efforts & some indulgences? 

How do we plan for this universal truth?  When does it call for a brand to pursue a Total Market strategy via a cross-cultural approach? Or, when can a Hispanic segmented approach go the extra mile for a CPG, retailer or restaurant brand? Through a series of category, product and retail cases generated with the SSG Wellness Spectrum™ powered by GfK MRI, we will explore insights to higher growth & margins. 

Carlos Santiago, SSG, Chief Strategist
Susan Nuñez, GfK, VP Advertiser Services


The Anatomy of Experiential Marketing

May 26, 2015


For a brand to connect meaningfully with its audience, it is important to create an experience for your target – but how do you do it in an age where consumers are choosing when and where to engage with brands, often opting out of traditional advertising efforts? This webinar will provide both agency and client perspectives on how experiential marketing can be utilized as an effective tool to engage multicultural audiences.

Marco Lopez, EVP/Partner, elemento L2


Diversity of Sports Gets You Diversity of Audience

March 31, 2015
World Cup… Central American Games… Serie del Caribe… World Baseball Classic… Pan Am… What do these events have in common, other than tremendous growth? All of these premier events bring together TOP athletes from different countries, allowing sports fans to rally around their country of origin. With multicultural audiences changing the face of mainstream America, the demand for these sports events has never been higher – because it’s not just about sports or home team advantage: it is about pride, about the emotional connection and the chance for fans to share the victories of their “home team.” Join ESPN Deportes to learn more about the diversity of sports fans and their favorite sports by country of origin. You’ll also learn how different sports attract different groups of Hispanics and how events like Pan Am draw in not only avid sports fans but women and families as well.

Heather Coghill, Associate Director, ESPN Research and Analytics
Maria Soares, Senior Coordinating Producer, ESPN


Win More Awards: Boosting Hispanic Agency Visibility

February 10, 2015

Hispanic agencies that are recognized and win accolades in the mainstream press help raise the bar for the industry and improve our business. How can you be featured more often in Ad Age? Learn about the publication’s editorial calendar and initiatives that showcase agencies and their work. Find out how more Hispanic agencies can be considered for programs such as The Wave Festival for Latin America; Creative Cover Competition, which invites young creatives to design the cover for Ad Age’s annual Cannes issue; Small Agency Awards; Best Places to Work in advertising in the U.S.; Ad Age’s Multicultural Agency of the Year; and individual honors like “Women to Watch” and “40 Under 40” that recognize the people who are changing and innovating in our industry. You’ll also get useful perspectives and helpful tips from both the publication and agency sides!

Laurel Wentz, International/Multicultural Editor, Ad Age 
Carla Eboli, Chief Marketing Officer, Dieste


Measuring Total Market: How Ethnicity Drives Brand Relevancy

January 13, 2015 

This webinar covers the role of ethnicity in the creative strategy - when it is appropriate to use an ethnic-specific or an ethnic-exclusive approach and how ethnicity drives brand relevancy. You also will learn about new tools that measure brand awareness, key brand attributes, and consumer perception to help analyze Total Market results. 

Speaker: Stephen Palacios, Executive Vice President, Added Value