AHAA Insights 2014

AHAA Presents: Refining Hispanic ROI
December 10, 2014

Don’t shortchange the impact of Hispanic in your ROI measurements. Rapid shifts in the Hispanic market, coupled with the emergence of the Total Market Approach, demand that sales data and television measurement methods evolve or new models emerge to give marketers an accurate read on their Hispanic ROI. 

  • Improved data collection at the store level, where individual purchases are measured vs store estimates, and broader coverage of smaller stores like independent chains, bodegas and convenient stores.
  • Stronger Hispanic television audience measures from national down to DMA levels for both cable and broadcast plus integration of C3 ratings.
  • Adoption of three key model levels: segment focused, Hispanic within Total Market, and a broader dashboard with Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).  

Hear the impact of this study from research experts, clients and agencies and learn how these changes will revolutionize our industry and help us accurately evaluate the ROI of Hispanic efforts – in any language or type of Total Market approach.  

Jeff Doud, Director, Marketplace Analytics, Kellogg Company 
Roxane Garzon, Media Director, Casanova Pendrill 
Jim Spaeth, Partner, Sequent Partners
Carlos Santiago, AHAA Research Chair/President & Chief Strategist, Santiago Solutions Group 


Will the Real Total Market Please Stand Up?
September 24, 2014 

The webinar “Will the Real Total Market Please Stand Up,” will be focused on the realities of aligning and launching the TMA consensus definition with the exploration of 4 areas:

  • How the definition is interpreted
  • Snags and challenges to implementation
  • Overcoming barriers while applying TMA properly
  • How and where the TMA is currently working

Panelists will cite specific examples from their ongoing Total Market evolution, the obstacles they overcame in moving their organization toward a true TMA and the results they are seeing.

Carlos Santiago, AHAA Research Chair/President & Chief Strategist, Santiago Solutions Group
Linda Jefferson, SVP, Media Services, Burrell
Xavier Turpin, Director, Multicultural Marketing, Dunkin Brands
Isaac Mizrahi, SVP, Managing Director, Alma



Upscale Latinos 2.0: A Renewed Outlook for High-End Marketers 
May 20, 2014

If you missed the annual AHAA “Thinking Under the Influence” Conference this past April, there is another opportunity to learn about Upscale Latinos, the most influential segment since the Baby Boomers. AHAA and Nielsen will host a webinar detailing the results of their second study, “Upscale Latinos 2.0: A Renewed Outlook for High-End Marketers,” which found that this segment contributes nearly 40 percent of the $1.5 trillion Hispanic spending power, and leads the overall upscale demographic in optimism, purchase behaviors, and plans to further increase spending.

This webinar will touch on key categories for growth, including midscale department stores and prestige cosmetics, but also will dive into previously unreleased data on casual dining and media behavior.  


Total Market: The Agency Side
February 25, 2014 

With agencies supporting multiple clients, the vast majority of agencies have been practicing TM – of these, 9 in 10 percent have some clients with TM strategies, while 1 in 10 have all clients practicing a version of the TM approach; however, there is apprehension about its definition and execution across various organizations, which can impact the agency's ability to deliver the desired effectiveness. In this webinar, you will learn preliminary findings on how agencies are partnering with clients to define and execute TM to deliver incremental results.

Carlos Santiago, chair of AHAA research committee and CEO of Santiago Solutions Group
Roberto Orcí, CEO of Acento Advertising