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Hispanic Marketing Council
Rebrand FAQs


Why the change?

With Hispanics fueling U.S. culture shifts and population growth, now is the time to double down on our critical expertise and re-invigorate our advocacy for Hispanic advertising and marketing. While cultural competence and expertise are of keen importance in an increasingly diverse nation, it's important to be clear about our core constituency and deepest expertise: U.S. Hispanics. With the continued growth and importance of the Hispanic market, coupled with the fact that we are the only organization truly focused on this largest and fastest-growing segment, the time has come for further crystallization of our mission through our name, the Hispanic Marketing Council.

Why now?

Both the American demographic landscape and popular culture are increasingly driven by Hispanics. Not only are we seeing racial awakening from companies, but consumers are demanding equality and proper representation coupled with culturally literate, responsible practices from marketers. Intentional approaches via segment marketing have never been more critical. Brands must realize Hispanics are a crucial part of the American mainstream with Hispanic marketing as a core practice for achieving sustainable market relevance and growth.

What is our legacy supporting this name change?

For nearly 25 years, we have championed the growth, strength, and viability of the U.S. Hispanic market in corporate boardrooms and advocated for increased investment in Hispanic marketing strategies – all while ensuring that experts with trusted Hispanic market expertise are at the forefront of this discussion. Through our thought leadership initiatives, groundbreaking research, and a continuously growing list of specialized members, we have helped organizations gain market share, increase revenue and grow profits by reaching and connecting with Hispanic consumers, who are fueling demographic changes and cultural transformation in the U.S. As such, our association has grown to represent more than 25,000 marketing, research, and media organizations and executives who have trusted and proven Hispanic expertise.

Is “Hispanic” in your name going backward?

No, quite the contrary. The data is undeniable that Hispanics are the fastest-growing segment in America and certainly within the "multicultural realm." As such, we felt it necessary to further clarify and crystallize our name—for both marketers and our own member constituency. The Hispanic Marketing Council needs no tagline and allows us to be specific about the power of our leadership and expertise. With a track record of nearly 25 years, we are the undisputed authority on Hispanic culture and Hispanic marketing. We will continue to help brands and marketers get rid of archaic marketing models where segment marketing requires minimal investment, is based on language solely on superficial casting choices, silo-ed or used as an “add-on.” Instead, we will help them understand that Hispanic marketing is a business imperative—partnering with segment specialists with cultural knowledge and expertise must be a core practice for brands to achieve sustainable market relevance and growth. The Hispanic consumer should be at the heart of every marketer's strategies, growth plans, media buys, and creative campaigns—failure to do risks losing market share and becoming obsolete.

How will the CMC include, embrace and advocate for culture? Will this include African-American, Asian-American, LGBTQ+, etc.?

Culturally-driven strategies targeted to the appropriate segments create more meaningful engagement leading to increased ROI. Using specialists that have the expertise to leverage cultural insights—and thus ensure campaigns resonate, engage and spur action among diverse audiences—is the gold standard for marketing. As Hispanic leaders, the HMC has the opportunity to share our strategic insights with other cultural marketers across various spectrums. We will drive understanding of intersectional identity groups of Hispanics, such as Afro Latinos and Hispanic LGBTQ+ among others. However, we will strengthen our relationships and partnerships with other like-minded organizations that also value and elevate the role of segment marketing and cultural expertise.

What can we expect moving forward?

We are energized by the elevated value of the Hispanic market coupled with the critical role our specialist members have in the expertise, experience and knowledge of this powerful market. We will continue moving forward with business-building initiatives like…

  • The Hispanic Market Guide and our weekly Smart Brief.
  • Job Center, which connects Hispanic marketing specialists with companies needing our trusted expertise.
  • Educational webinar series—plus we will launch a new education platform to bring together thought leaders and trendsetters, extending the Hispanic value proposition to a wider audience in the way our Annual Conference did.
  • Strategic partnerships, like the Conference Board, which provides members with exclusive access to tools, resources, and networking.
  • Advocacy and representation—the Hispanic Marketing Council will continue being the voice of the industry and play an ever-increasing role in being vocal about the wins—and misses—of corporate America as they evolve their marketing practices.

In addition, we will continue spearheading Hispanic research to arm our members with the latest studies and insights to guide brand CMOs to success.

How does this affect my membership?

There will be no immediate changes to your membership because of this rebranding—we are committed to enhancing the benefits to members and increasing the value of membership. You can expect the HMC to deliver the same insight-driven data that helps you not only grow your business but also provide valuable research and trends to your clients.

How can my organization and I become more involved with the HMC?

There are many ways to become more involved with the HMC – big and small. You can interact with us on our LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages (our new Twitter handle is @hispanichmc), make sure you are subscribed to our Smart Brief, use our Hispanic Market Guide as a business-building tool, attend our webinars and education events, post job openings in our Job Center or simply give us any feedback on any of our initiatives. We are always an email message away at info@hispanicmarketingcouncil.org. If you are looking for a bigger commitment, we have openings in several of our committees:

  • HMC Institute – help us plan by joining our brainstorms, suggesting the speakers you want to hear from, and identifying the most pressing topics for our industry.
  • Awards – help us nominate contenders for the Marketer of the Year, the Rising Stars of our industry as well as Hall of Fame inductees.
  • Research – we are always generating and sharing new data and insights to help you grow your business. What topics would be most valuable to you? And you don’t have to be part of the committee to suggest research studies! You can drop us an email with your thoughts and ideas any time!

If you have more questions, we are hosting a Town Hall webinar on Wednesday, 3/16 at 3pm ET.