About Us

For nearly 25 years, the Hispanic Marketing Council (HMC) has championed the Hispanic market in corporate boardrooms and advocated for increased investment in Hispanic marketing strategies—all while ensuring that experts with trusted Hispanic market expertise are at the forefront of this discussion. Through our collective thought leadership initiatives and groundbreaking research, we have helped marketers gain understanding, and our member firms have helped them achieve market share, increase revenue and grow profits by reaching and connecting with Hispanic consumers. As such, our association has grown to represent more than 25,000 marketing, creative, research and media executives who have trusted and proven Hispanic marketing expertise.


Our Brand:

To sharpen our focus and provide clarity on who we are, what we do, and who we represent, we are rebranding as the Hispanic Marketing Council (HMC), the only organization with subject matter expertise in Hispanic marketing, devoted to promoting the critical role of Hispanic marketing, media and specialist firms in today’s marketplace. It is a fact: segment marketing has never been more critical. Brands must understand that marketing to Hispanics as a core practice for long-term growth and relevance is a business imperative. Without overt and focused inclusion efforts coupled with investment targeting Hispanics, marketers' efforts are simply out of touch, out of tune and will fall short of their potential.

Our Vision:

The Hispanic consumer should be at the heart of every marketer's strategies, growth plans, media buys, and creative campaigns -failure to do risks losing market share and becoming obsolete.

Our Purpose:

To advocate for the Hispanic consumer segment and the importance it signifies to corporations seeking to grow their revenue and market share; To continue providing thought leadership in Hispanic marketing across our education and research platforms in collaboration with other segment marketers.


Strategic Priorities:

  • Elevate the business imperative of Hispanic marketing as a core practice for achieving sustainable market relevance and growth.
  • Serve as the leading think tank and go-to resource helping brands find the right partners to become culturally fluent and fully effective in the Hispanic market.
  • Educate the industry on best-in-class strategies such as impactful research, professional training and more.
  • Expand, retain and evolve a diverse membership base of subject matter experts through continuous education, training, research and resources.
  • Be insights driven and fact based—curating, sharing, discussing best practices that leverage Hispanic segment marketing to provide the best ROI for our clients’ marketing investments.
  • Support the education and development of our industry members.